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Vic from Enumclaw WA:
”My foot has been swollen for over a year. I am dead serious when I say the swelling is almost non existent. You make magic cream!”


2000mg Mega Fix – Watch out PAIN!

Welcome to Noé Fresh handcrafted natural skincare and CBD products.

Noé Fresh uses only the highest quality ingredients for all our products. Full Spectrum CBD is a natural compound found in the Hemp plant of the Cannabis family. Our CBD products are full-spectrum, which includes all the terpenes (CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC) and 100 other Cannabinoids found in the hemp plant, working synergistically in what’s referred to as the “entourage effect.” The entourage effect magnifies the therapeutic properties—as a result, making our products 100% effective. is where to find pain relief and skincare made with 1000mg Full Spectrum Hemp CBD and 500mg of Arnica. We use Full Spectrum Hemp CBD, so you get all the benefits of Cannabis without the “high effect” because our CBD products have less than 1% THC do to its natural compound. The all-natural answer to pain relief, headaches, arthritis, sleep, and skincare for acne, wrinkles, and redness. All of our CBD and non-CBD products are soothing, refreshing, and healing without chemicals and alcohol.

Noe Fresh CBD Products

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Amazing Testimonies 

  • Truely amazing

    “I received my order of Noe Fresh products on Monday. Thank you so much for the tea. My oldest daughter has lupus and she has been using the cream as well as the tea.

    I would love to share a story to your web site because Noe Fresh products are truly amazing!!! My daughter is now able to raise her arms straight up in the air and she has not been able to do this for over five years or more. She also had a knot on her wrist that her rheumatologist said would probably never go away…it’s GONE!!!!

    I have also recommended Noe Fresh products to all my friends and family.”

    -Katina Dent

  • Game changer!

    “Fresh face is a game changer! My skin is smoother and hydrated.

    I feel replenished all day!”


  • Fresh Face CBD!

    “Dear Noey, I just returned from my trip. I have to tell you the Face Fix cream I purchased for my daughter has made a dramatic difference in her skin.

    My husband and I both noticed the difference right away. She is using it and she loves it, so thank so much.”


  • Great for his hands!

    “The Fresh Fix 1000 cream is working great for his hands. He is very happy with it.

    He is really excited to tell the guys at work and share the samples with them.

    Thank you so much.”


  • The next day even better!

    “Hi, My husband and I chatted with you at the Gig Harbor Thursday Market (9-22). He put some Fresh Fix 1000 lotion inside his elbow for his arm pain and popped his head before we left to tell you that his pain was lessened.

    The next day even better!”

    – Beverly 

  • I am astounded!

    “My cousin Barbara in NC is so thrilled with the results of your CBD cream! She is a believer and is ordering more!

    My other cousin, Jo Ellen is in a doctoral nursing program and she so happy for Barb!

    I am astounded!!!!!”

    – Gayle 

  • I have stopped talking ibuprofen.

    “My friend noticed I was struggling with knee pain when I hobbled up and down her stairs. She gave me the CBD Relief cream(Fresh Fix 1000). That was only three days ago. I have been suffering for a year with arthritis in my knees. Acupuncture has helped immensely but the FRESH FIX 1000 CBD cream has made the most remarkable difference! I have stopped talking ibuprofen altogether. The difference was swift and noticeable. Thank you so much for relief! “

    – Lu Anne

Chemical-Free Skin Care and Plant Based Relief

Noe Fresh on the Columbia River
I’m Noey, the founder of Noé Fresh, and I love making healthy products. I’ve spent six years experimenting and landed on what I think is the ticket to deep moisture for your skin and relief for your body.

My son, husband, and I live on the beautiful Columbia River in Washington State surrounded by sun, soil, and water that allow strong growth of my two favorite things, mint, and lavender. I believe strongly in the power of essential oils, Arnica, Cannabidiol terpenes, and their effects on our wellbeing, skincare, pain, and our body’s efficiency. I love working in my facility, looking at the Columbia River with snow on the ground and sunshine on the mountains. It makes me love my work! The sagebrush that grows wild and abundant smells earthy and natural, my motivation behind Noé Fresh.

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